Brick Paver Cleaning Sealing Michigan

Since 1990 we have specialized in brick paver maintenance cleaning, re-sanding & sealing. We restore & protect porches, steps, walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks & retaining walls in Michigan. We can transform your pavers to a like new condition....Learn More

After installation, many homeowners are not properly advised on the need for periodic cleaning & sealing of brick pavers. A beautiful installation will only look nice for a short time if not properly cared for. After making a substantial investment in brick pavers, proper maintenance is equally important as proper installation.

Over time brick pavers are exposed to harsh environmental conditions like moisture, mildew, moss, dirt, grease & leaf stains. Harsh freeze-thaw cycles in Michigan combined with application of de-icing chemicals further attack your pavers. If pavers are left unprotected, irreversible damage can occur such as loss of color & exposure of aggregate. Excessive moisture penetration can also cause areas of the pavers to sink & become un-level.

Proper tools, procedures & chemicals must be utilized in the process of brick paver cleaning & sealing. We utilize the most advanced techniques to return brick pavers to a like new condition. It is very important to have your pavers professionally cleaned at least once every 2-3 years to remove dirt & organic stain build-up. We have the ability to remove previously applied sealers, which have failed leaving a hazy, peeling or yellowing appearance.

It’s imperative that you have the joints between brick pavers re-filled with proper sand. We offer gray & tan polymeric sand as well as commercial grade medium sand depending on the type of sealer being used. Polymeric sand has a binder, which hardens when water is applied to lock it in place. Commercial grade sand is held in place by Paver Gloss Sealer, a clear acrylic, which hardens & stabilizes the sand.

Surface Restoration Products

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Safely removes calcium oxide and white haze from new brick pavers, stone, concrete and masonry surfaces.


A penetrating clear acrylic sealer, 25% solids, which provides a high gloss color enhancing appearance to brick pavers, stamped concrete & exposed aggregate surfaces.


Penetrating clear acrylic sealer, creates a semi-gloss look, seals and protects pavers, stamped colored concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces.


Penetrating Water Based Non-Glossy Sealer To Protect Exterior Brick, Stone, Concrete, Masonry, Grout, Tile, Terra Cotta Surfaces.